Combines movement with breath in a free-flowing style to cultivate awareness of body and mind. Students practice a variety of poses in a unique sequence every time.

26 static postures practiced in a heated/humidified room. Tones, heals, detoxifies. Great for improving back and joint pain.

This workshop style class is perfect for beginners or anyone interested in building a strong foundation. Learn safety, alignment techniques, and the basic “how-to’s” of yoga.

Great class for beginners and for those seeking a slower pace. Plenty of gentle movement, deep stretching, and time for relaxation/stress relief.

A general-purpose, all levels yoga class focusing on alignment, balance, breath awareness, and muscle lengthening.

Flowing sequence of challenging postures that builds strength and flexibility.

Yoga in Motion
A holistic approach to fitness using whole-body movements for a fun, invigorating fitness program. The Yoga in Motion movements build your strength, flexibility, stamina, agility, balance, and coordination...simultaneously!

An all levels yoga class with a therapeutic approach focusing on deep release, relaxation, breath, and awareness based meditation.

Pilates Mat
Classic pilates exercises utilizing a mat. Pilates focuses on core strength and develops lean, long bodies.

Perfect for pre-pregnancy through third trimester, this class prepares your body and mind for a healthy pregnancy, labor and birth.

Movement & Meditation
This class features light warm-ups and stretches to loosen up followed by a variety of guided and non-guided meditations. Also, discussion about “how to” meditate and time for Q&A.

$5 Happy Hour Flow
Friday afternoon 'happy hour yoga'. Pay only a $5 drop-in or use your current membership.

Level 1
Ideal for beginners or those seeking a slower paced class. Includes all Fundamentals, Gentle, and Restorative classes. No experience necessary.

Level 1, 2
A more challenging class with focus on strength, balance, flexibility and breathing techniques. No experience necessary.

Level 1,2,3
A class for all levels. Instruction will include modifications to accomodate varying skill levels. Experience helpful but not necessary.

Level 2
An active class. Builds core strength, flexibility and inner calm. Inversions are introduced.
Some past experience required.

Level 2,3
For those with an ongoing yoga practice. Not for beginners. Vigorous and challenging on every level. Advanced postures will be introduced.


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